Medical Aid

Welcome to where we understand the importance of having medical cover at all times whether you are employed or not and have made it as easy as 1-2-3. believes medical aid health insurance should be easy, affordable and accessible.

We have looked around to find the best medical-aid insurance cover which satisfy the above criteria. It only take a few seconds to complete the inquiry form below and we will take the fuss and  hassle out of it and we will contact you.

  • Choose affordable monthly premiums that suits your individual budget
  • You can save up to 30% by choosing hospital providers
  • No face to face meetings are necessary
  • Receive great wellness, travel & leisure discounts just for staying healthy

Let us Compare Private Medical Aid Insurance Plans.
Your health is important. When you need to suddenly see a specialist for a serious illness, getting past any queues or hurdles to save time is of the upmost importance.

A health insurance plan guarantees you will get to see the specialist you want, to get the best medical treatment you need for your recovery, quicker. Don’t wait til you need it on the day, be prepared with a health insurance policy in advance. Start with your free quotes. Fill out our 30 second form at the top of the page!


Life does not follow the expected path and the unexpected life changes it brings about are sometimes hard to face. You cannot prevent life’s mishaps but you can ensure that when they happen, you are ready with an insurance solution in place that can get you through it or turn things around for you. No matter what type of medical cover you need, MedSure and Hippo will help you find the best value cover online. So, you can focus on getting better and back to normal. Medical fees can burn a big hole in your wallet, and when you are in need of urgent care, the last thing you should worry about is that looming bill. Hippo can help you find the health cover that best suits your needs.

MEDICAL BENEFITS An unexpected medical query, worry, or emergency is no small thing. That’s why medical benefits have been included with our 1st for Women insurance policies. Put your mind at ease knowing that Medical Assist, Nurse @ First, Expo-Sure, Trauma Assist, and even Pet Cover (for your furry loved ones – they’re family too!) are available to call on when you need them…

1st for Women

Clientele Life is not a medical aid, it is an insurance plan. From only R100 per month it pays out up to R3,000 a day while you are in hospital. It also covers you if you have HIV/AIDS. Clientele is also offering Life Cover from R100 per month and it pays up to R200,000. No medicals are required.
Clientele MedSure