Mom gives birth without doctor’s assistance – sits with dead baby between her legs for 10 minutes

“The nurse said if I want to deliver my baby I must just do it myself otherwise I must keep it in – they are busy with other patients.”

A broken mother cried with unbearable sadness as she told the News how she gave birth to a baby in a state hospital, claiming that she had no assistance from nurses or doctors whatsoever.

She sat with her dead newborn baby between her legs for more than 10 minutes before being assisted.

Rachelle Grobler was seven months pregnant and at home when she all of a sudden had the worst cramps.

After having her blood pressure measured and it reading at 199 over 124, she decided to go to Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital to make sure she and her baby were okay. She claims she saw a nurse, got some medication and was sent home.

On 24 March, at 29 weeks pregnant, the cramping started again. She was taken to hospital at about 9.15am, and the emergency room staff sent her up to the maternity ward.

She claims she sat at admissions cramping profusely, every six or so minutes and that the staff assisted the other women first.

An hour later, her water broke and after that she claims she waited 30 minutes to be assisted.

She claims the sister on duty came to fetch her in the bathroom and said she should act like an adult and stop stressing the other patients.

She was given a bed to lie down on and continued having contractions. Rachelle recalls the nurse saying if she wanted to deliver her baby, she must just do it by herself otherwise she must keep it in, because they were busy with other patients. Shortly thereafter, she gave birth.

After 10 minutes or more with baby between her legs, the sister came back with a tray of stuff. The nurse checked and confirmed, her baby was dead.

She said the nurse became sympathetic all of a sudden, saying she was sorry for shouting at her. The nurse told her the baby had been dead for a long time.

The nurse cleared up the blood and took the dead baby boy away.

The News has approached the hospital and Jack Bloom, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health, for comment, and is awaiting their feedback.

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