MVA Accident Emergency


A large number of South Africans who travel regularly by car, foot, motorcycle or public transport, including taxis, do not have medical aid. As a result they do not have the much-needed funds to access a private hospital in the event of an injury due to a motor vehicle accident (MVA).

The fact that access to a Private Hospital can be the difference between life and death in South Africa, means all of these individuals should have access to private healthcare in the event of a car accident; however such a benefit has become a luxury that few can afford. Angel Assist is a service that allows for its members to be granted access to any private medical facility following a Motor Vehicle Accident.

If you or a loved one spends a lot of time on the road, this is the insurance cover to get.

accidentANGELS™ is a service that ensures that each of their members that are involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident are Guaranteed to receive treatment in a private medical facility. If you are a medical aid member who tries not to exhaust your medical savings but would like the comfort of knowing that you will be fine should there be a shortfall, accidentANGELS™ can take care of this.

The Angels Assist Product:


    • Direct access to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) via ER24 (the leading emergency medical care service in SA).
    • Admission to a private hospital – no deposit required.
    • Payment of medically associated costs up to a maximum of R200,000.00 following a MVA.
    • Access for the main member, spouse and children (if this benefit option has been selected).

>li>Covered as a passenger in a taxi or minibus taxi.


  1. Emergency Evacuation (road and/or air if required)
  2. Trauma and Casualty Counselling
  3. Next of Kin Alert
  4. Hospital Admission Payment up to R200 000
  5. Supervision of Minors, until your next of kin arrive
  6. Road Accident Fund Claims Assistance

How does it work?

On receiving notification of an accident, ER24 verifies membership and ensures emergency transportation to the nearest suitable private hospital.

The injured party is stabilised in the trauma unit to the appropriate level of casualty benefit.

If hospitalisation is required after the injured party has been stabilised, admission to hospital is provided up to the level of benefit.

Why Is The Service Needed?

Large numbers of South Africans are not covered by a Medical Aid. This leaves them at the mercy of a state hospital should they be involved in an accident, a system which is oft-times overloaded and leaves patients vulnerable.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this replace a Medical Aid?


24 Hour Angel Assist is a product designed for people who cannot afford a full medical aid. Our Product appeals to South Africans who simply cannot afford Medical Aid. It provides them with Peace of Mind that should they or their spouse and children be involved in an accident, they will receive the best medical air. (Principal Member must add spouse and children as beneficiaries).

What does it cost?

Our Product is affordable. At R149/month for the main member and R90 per beneficiary per month it gives ample cover that fits the budget.

Who does it cover?

24 Hour Angel Assist covers members who are involved in any Motor Vehicle Accident. They could be a driver or passenger. They will also be covered as a passenger in a taxi or minibus taxi.