‘Load shedding on water’:- Bertha Gxowa Hospital affected by water shortage

Another Hospital without water, more ‘Load shedding on water’

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Shocking News:- New Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemotherapy, Not Cancer

‘Terminally ill children left to die in pain in SA government hospitals’ – ANC-regime has not yet implemented its policy on palliative care, affecting paediatric patients with terminal illnesses.

Robert Mangiloso Subukwe-hospitaal:- “Eers wanneer blindederm bars is dit noodgeval” – KH dokter

Ill baby denied healthcare at state hospitals, as a result of very arrogant medical employees the infant died – death could have been prevented if medical team chose to do their job properly

Durban’s meningitis warning after death of 7-year-old boy

Nurses allegedly ‘ignored’ pleas for help as mom cradled dead infant after suffering a miscarriage, while nurses pay no attention to her and ate their cereal at Groote Schuur Hospital

There are so many complex reasons for South Africa’s organ donor shortage